Information about GeneWize
DNA Vitamins

How does GeneWize work?

Its really simple after your purcahse you will be given a complete instruction packet but all you will need to do is to swab the inside of your mouth from the kit and send it back to GeneWize. After they have recieved the DNA it will be tested and examined by professional who will develop the perfect vitami for your body and what major tasks you want it to do. Flling out all of the form is extremely important so that they can determin what extra additives they need to give you for your persoanl vitamin.

How long does it take?

That part get a little tricky but as quickly as 3 weeks or less, understand that this is your DNA we are talking about and rushing something like that needs to be cared for. Obviously you can not get sick or die by taking the wrong vitamins but there are ways that it needs to be refined so that you can optimize your growth an health. Livin longer an stronger are always the ultimate goals and jsut lik everyhting else that takes time.

How can I be a part of GeneWize?

We offer some huge marketing promotions packs jsut for people who want to be a part of the fastest growing Vitamin and supplement company in the United States of America. All you ahve to do is click on the Family Marketing tab on the left and there is a follow through and small investment involved to become part of our business. If you have any questions at all you can also call us or email us at any time.

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