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Introducing the LifeMap Healthy Aging Nutrition™ System

The LifeMap Nutrition™ System is a technologically advanced, DNA-guided, customized nutritional system based on your own unique genetic code. The same company that developed the world's FIRST and ONLY DNA-Guided Skin Care System is now introducing a completely customized nutrition product that anyone can afford. This is advanced genetic nutrition - focused on YOU!

1. Assess, Don’t Guess - GeneWize offers the only patented, FDA reviewed, non-invasive, self-administered DNA collection system available. The process is easy to understand, simple to do and takes just a few minutes. Simply swab the inside of your mouth (your inner cheek), and mail the swabs back to our laboratory in the special envelopes. Everything, along with easy-to-follow instructions, is included.

Now you can find out for the very first time what's right for YOU. Rest easy knowing you're nourishing your body with the ultimate personalized formula.

2. Customize - Your product is created specifically for you. No more on size fits all! You will receive a comprehensive personal formula created just for you, utilizing over 177,000 possible ingredient combinations. Only active product ingredients are stocked on our shelves. All of our formulas are made to order. Plus, you'll receive your personalized GeneLink Healthy Aging Assessment™.

The LifeMap Nutrition System is the first customized nutritional and optimal health system where nutritional supplement ingredients and products are genetically matched to an individual's DNA.


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